Ludum Dare 40: Clicker Thingie

Screenshot of "Clicker Thingie"
“Clicker Thingie” by Luis Díaz Peralta. “Click things, watch numbers get big, ignore the rest.” “Clicker Thingie” is a short, but powerful critique about the still popular clicker games. After learning the concept of ‘the higher the number is, the …
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Ludum Dare 40: MILF Of All Bombs

Screenshot of "MILF Of All Bombs"
“MILF Of All Bombs” by Diego C. Torguet. “Action game […] where you collect ‘H6’ for your bomb while you evade enemies.” At first, the controls may make you feel a bit clumsy, but when more and more enemies …
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Ludum Dare 40: Mortal Komba

Screenshot of "Mortal Komba"
“Mortal Komba” by Paco Benavent, Joan Carles Vegas & Natalia Morillo. “[A] challenging game about skipping rope with cute graphics. It gets harder and harder when friends join you and you have to survive the three strikes!” “Mortal …
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Ludum Dare 40: Jazzy Beats

Screenshot of "Jazzy Beats"
“Jazzy Beats” by Whales and Games (Jorge M. Carvalho, José Sánchez & Robin Couwenberg). “Reach the peak of idol stardom! Your rival is sending up her fans to […] push you out of the industry. What can …
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Ludum Dare 40: One for sorrow

Screenshot of "One for sorrow"
“One for sorrow” by David Aguado, Alex T. Colombini, Vicent Ramirez & Juan Novella. “A special treasure tracker finds one more trinket to build his nest. It’s not going to be an easy way back …
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