Mini Ludum Dare 58: TETRONG

Screenshot of "TETRONG"
“TETRONG” by Daniël Haazen. “P[ong] mixed with T[etris] […]! Use the falling blocks as paddles, but don’t forget to put them in the right place!” Are you suffering from retronostalgiamashupiritis? “TETRONG” – a mix of “Tetris” and “Pong” – …
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Global Game Jam 2015: Hugo

Screenshot of "Hugo"
“Hugo” by Justin Tec, Patrick Alain Carlos, Jopz Agcaoili, Richard Locsin, Rai Villanueva, Jemuel Bernaldez & Gene Gacho. “Hugo” is a wonderful little interactive novel about a break up, memories and how to get …
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Ludum Dare 24: Soul Jar

Screenshot of "Soul Jar"
“Soul Jar” by Paul Hart. “[This game is] about [an] evolving AI[,] [a] robot that collects and imitates lifeforms, a “soul jar” from space, crash lands and must return to his ship. Along the way you teach it how …
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Ludum Dare 24: Promoted!

Screenshot of "Promoted!"
“Promoted!” by Sylvère Armange, Carduus & Hallouin Mathieu. “Promoted!” is the perfect criticism of turbo-capitalism in ludic form. Have fun with the four implemented mini games and the great pixel art. Work hard, play harder! PLAY…
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Ludum Dare 24: Psychiatric Evaluation

Screenshot of "Psychiatric Evaluation"
“Psychiatric Evaluation” by Felipe Alfonso, Elias Zacarias & Francisco Alcántara. “An adventure of a lonely psychiatric patient who wants to escape the asylum where he is trapped.” “Psychiatric Evaluation” is bloody brilliant. Imagine a symbiosis between the text …
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A Game By Its Cover 2015: UNTERwELT

Screenshot of "UNTERwELT"
“UNTERwELT” by Lucas Gullbo. “Walk through the bunkers beneath the surface. Explore [and] fulfill your job as an engineer! Don’t mess around with the [s]ecurity!” Excellent pixel art plus a very atmospheric plot combined with the love for details …
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Ludum Dare 24: Strike of Rage !

Screenshot of "Strike of Rage !"
“Strike of Rage !” by Sébastien Bénard. “They don’t want to pay you more. But you will make them pay. […] A violent story about social evolution, revenge, money and kittens.” “Strike of Rage !” can be described as …
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Ludum Dare 24: kernel exception

Screenshot of "kernel exception"
“kernel exception” by Rat King Entertainment (Jana Reinhardt & Friedrich Hanisch) & Björn Grunewald. “You are space station computer which gained self-awareness. Now you have to take control of the whole station by hacking robots and zombifying …
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