Screenshot of "OVERGAME"
“OVERGAME” by Pietro Ferrantelli, Pierrick Boyet, Robin Chafoin, Joachim Leclercq, Sacha Riviere & Alexis Prost. “[A breaking-the-fourth-wall, story rich] and funny [metagame] with a plot twist.” “OVERGAME” is not completely finished by now, but it …
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Letters – a written adventure

Screenshot of "Letters - a written adventure"
“Letters – a written adventure” by 5am Games (Aleksandra Iakusheva, Selina Capol & Martina Hotz) & Michel Barengo. “Travel back to the [Nineties], go through pen pal letters and old school chat systems to follow the …
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Foxhunt (Chapter 1)

Screenshot of "Foxhunt"
“Foxhunt (Chapter 1)” by Henning Koczy & Max Berghaus. “An atmospheric […] [first-person] puzzle game based on clues left by the enigmatic [fox]… [Are] you clever enough to meet him and escape this deathless, dimensionless, cold white desert?” You awake in…
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Small Saga

Screenshot of "Small Saga"
“Small Saga” by Jeremy Noghani. “Venture below the streets of London, and you will find the bustling kingdom of Rodentia, home to creatures great and small. The mouse brothers Verm and Lance have heard rumour of a divine food hoard. But …
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Screenshot of "Theropods"
“Theropods” by Sarah Duffield-Harding, Matthew John Frith, Zach Striefel & Kostas Skiftas. “[A] point and click adventure game that combines puzzles with a cinematic story, colourful characters and a retro aesthetic. Oh, and lots of dinosaurs!” Remain calm, …
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The Pedestrian

Screenshot of "The Pedestrian"
“The Pedestrian” by Skookum Arts. “Use creativity to rearrange and connect the signs to create a path to continue your journey. The Pedestrian must use his creative ability and puzzle-solving skills to avoid and overcome obstacles in the signs.”…
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Rose of Starcross

Screenshot of "Rose of Starcross"
“Rose of Starcross” by Peyton Burnham. “[A] turn-based, story-driven [role-playing game.] […] Explore and learn about the state of Starcross and its characters. […] Fight enemies with timed attacks and [minigames] based on the magic [you are] using and …
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Arietta of Spirits

Screenshot of "Arietta of Spirits"
“Arietta of Spirits” by swonqi, Samuli Siimesto, Kimmo Bordi, Chevy Ray Johnston, Jaya Ply, Roosa Kerkola & Eugeniya Guteneva. “The game tells the story of Arietta and her family, visiting their Grandmother’s cabin for the first time …
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Screenshot of "Ratropolis"
“Ratropolis” by Cassel Games (SungJin Hwang, SunWoong Lee, MinSu Kim, GaYeon Ham, JunHyeok Park & TaeGyung Yeon). “[The players] are clan leaders [of] a small rat post, they will defend your rats from predators and monstrous creatures. [The user’s] main…
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