Ludum Dare 40: Moubal

Screenshot of "Moubal"
“Moubal” by Tilmann Hars. “Balance boxes over hilly terrain.” In the wonderfully minimalistic and probably infinite physics game “Moubal” you have to transport at least one box per level to the finish line. In the first level you start …
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Slow Game Jam: Wonders between Dunes

Screenshot of "Wonders between Dunes"
“Wonders between Dunes” by Moshe Linke. “Travel through a wonderful mysterious world and explore huge brutal architecture. Stroll through deserts. Stroll through [the] lush [jungle]. Walk deep inside the belly of concrete monsters and feel the enormous weight of …
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Resist Jam: Treasure Chest #21

Treasure Chest #21
“Unloop” by Alex Shaw, Hugo Passarinho & Ben Greensmith. In this point and click adventure, two scientists discover time travel, but it is not as safe as they thought it would be. “FakeBook” by Renan Vieira & Pedro …
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Ludum Dare 37: Behind The Wallpaper

Screenshot of "Behind The Wallpaper"
“Behind The Wallpaper” by Stefan Srb. “[A] short […] [visual novel] about a [family] that has to hide in a time of discrimination and war […] in a single room.” “Behind The Wallpaper” is simply one of the best …
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Ludum Dare 37: Tangent

Screenshot of "Tangent"
“Tangent” by rxi. “Tangent” is a wonderful puzzle platformer, where all small levels are connected with each other. Whenever you push a button, you will either jump into another connected dimension or open some new paths. Here, excellent level …
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Ludum Dare 36: Treasure Chest #03

Treasure Chest #03
“Sashimi” by Geroge Baron. This half fishing game, half interactive novel will provide you a lovely atmospheric experience and some sweet voice acting. “Museum” by Quentin Kerguélen. Take a trip to the Museum of Ancient Technologies in the …
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Ludum Dare 36: No Mario’s Sky

Screenshot of "No Mario’s Sky"
“No Mario’s Sky” by Alexander Mcdonald, Sam Izzo, Max Cahill & Ben Porter. “[A] game about exploration and survival in an infinite [procedurally generated] universe.” “No Mario’s Sky” is a wonderful mashup of the ‘ancient’ gameplay of …
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Ludum Dare 36: Telegrapher

Screenshot of "Telegrapher"
“Telegrapher” by jackyjjc. “Telegraph[s are] a new technology in the country. Therefore, the [M]inistry of [T]ruth is looking for someone to operate it. Fortunately or not, you are being selected.” What I like about “Telegrapher” is the successful transfer …
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Ludum Dare 35: Lumiania

Screenshot of "Lumiania"
“Lumiania” by Yword. “Lumiania” is a well-designed short metroidvania platformer where you must find the abilities of double jumping, strength, fighting and turning into a small sphere as well as into a fast rocket. The visuals are stunning as well.…
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