Adventure Jam 2015: Theropods

Screenshot of "Theropods"
“Theropods” by Sarah Duffield-Harding, SeethingSwarm, Zach Striefel, Kai Skrotzki, Tiana Camacho & Kostas Skiftas. “Regroup with your companions while coming face to face with hungry dinosaurs in a prehistoric jungle.” The audiovisual presentation of “Theropods” is …
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Ludum Dare 30: The Legend of Light

Screenshot of "The Legend of Light"
“The Legend of Light” by Yword. “Play as the Hero of Light on his adventure through the world of darkness.” The lighting effects are pretty awesome, the level design feels great, and I really enjoyed the platform switch mechanics in …
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Ludum Dare 30: The Lion’s Song

Screenshot of "The Lion’s Song"
“The Lion’s Song” by Stefan Srb. “You play as Wilma, a young composer who has been sent into the wild nature of the Austrian Alps to complete her greatest composition so far…” Breathtaking graphics plus well-written dialogs make up …
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Ludum Dare 31: Press Enter

Screenshot of "Press Enter"
“Press Enter” by Jez Swanson. “I [could not] figure out how to get rid of this stupid glitch. Oh well, give my game a try anyway. If you get stuck, maybe give a me a poke, [I will] see …
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Ludum Dare 31: Don’t Fall

Screenshot of "Don't Fall"
“Don’t Fall” by SeriousCreeper & XekeDeath. “The goal is to survive as long as possible by avoiding disappearing rooms and collecting upgrades to fight off the [never-ending] snowmen.” Run, fight, run again, fight again and always try not to …
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Ludum Dare 31: Forsaken

Screenshot of "Forsaken"
“Forsaken” by Sarah Marie Hiebl, Anna Prem, Dorothea Prem, Stefan Putzinger & gregorg. “You need to declutter this house. You wonder what kind of person the former resident was. Move around and search for things that could give you …
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