Ludum Dare 31: O-Inari Origami

Screenshot of "O-Inari Origami"
“O-Inari Origami” by Dana Anne, MagmaMcFry, Vector & Eerr. “[A] game about a paper fox in a paper world.” The stunning-looking platformer “O-Inari Origami” offers a twist: You will have to fold the entire level to create new platforms for …
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Ludum Dare 31: TMO

Screenshot of "TMO"
“TMO” by Aaron John-Baptiste. “Your boss said you have complete control over the [massively multiplayer online game world,] […] [but] because of “technical reasons” it needed to fit on a single screen.” “TMO” is a short metagame about the …
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Ludum Dare 32: Decipher Quest

Screenshot of "Decipher Quest"
“Decipher Quest” by Florian Fischer. “You are the [robot] Fred. […] One day a [space blob] appears. He has a cryptic language and wants to destroy your world.” “Decipher Quest” may look a bit like a cute game for …
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Adventure Jam 2015: MARY WOKE UP TODAY

Screenshot of "MARY WOKE UP TODAY"
“MARY WOKE UP TODAY” by Sarah Marie Hiebl & Alexander Böhm. “[A] game about false awakening. Mary [cannot] wake up. [She is] trapped. Or is she?” Awakening. Life. Reality. Matrix. Dreaming. Recognizing. World. Identity. Time. Space. Where is your place? …
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Ludum Dare 32: One of them

Screenshot of "One of them"
“One of them” by Pierre Corbinais. “A short experiment on characterization and one other thing.” Seriously, “One of Them” is one of my absolute favorite games ever created for Ludum Dare for a very good reason. I urge you …
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Ludum Dare 32: bloodshot

Screenshot of "bloodshot"
“bloodshot” by rogueNoodle. “[There is] something about your blood [and] the reaction they have to it… [It] just might be enough to hold them off.” “bloodshot” is not one of those average third-person shooters, since it focuses on resource …
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Ludum Dare 32: Mass-X

Screenshot of "Mass-X"
“Mass-X” by Charlotte Gore. “[A] weapon that lets you swap your physical location with entities of equivalent mass. You kill them with their own bullets[.]” Take possession of robots, make your way through neat platformer levels and enjoy the …
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