Ludum Dare 29: Behind Mirror

Screenshot of "Behind Mirror"
“Behind Mirror” by Heiser Saint. “[A] pretty hard adventure platformer […] about reflections and [a] mirror-[s]urface world.” You’ll love-hate it. This platformer needs an absolute preciseness and perfect timing to be solved. So make sure you’ll get into the …
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Ludum Dare 29: Colony 31

Screenshot of "Colony 31"
“Colony 31” by Justin Luong, Kahlil Angeles, Phoenix & Justin Walker. “Help Joe on his journey to save his colony.“ A little puzzle platformer with a cool drilling-mech-suit and some sweet voice-over work. Also there’s some good effort …
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Ludum Dare 29: John

Screenshot of "John"
“John” by Diptoman Mukherjee. “[A] game about holding on to memories.” It’s interesting how much you can achieve with such minimalistic mechanics and lovely art. It’s a simple dodge-and-collect game, but there’s something about it I really adore. >>PLAY…
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GBJAM 3: Meowgical Tower

Screenshot of "Meowgical Tower"
“Meowgical Tower” by Wanyo. “Explore the tower to uncover its secrets!” “Hello Kitty” featuring “The Legend of Zelda”? Yeah, that might be a good description. “Meowgical Tower” is an amazing ode to retro adventures: Well designed switch puzzles, nice …
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Adventure Jam 2015: Foundations

Screenshot of "Foundations"
“Foundations” by Matthew Frith. “Will Nara find what she is looking for after years of scavenging along the wall? A short classic point and click adventure game[.]” Stunning pixel art and a nice little puzzle. I spent just ten …
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Adventure Jam 2015: Theropods

Screenshot of "Theropods"
“Theropods” by Sarah Duffield-Harding, SeethingSwarm, Zach Striefel, Kai Skrotzki, Tiana Camacho & Kostas Skiftas. “Regroup with your companions while coming face to face with hungry dinosaurs in a prehistoric jungle.” The audiovisual representation of “Theropods” is …
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Clone Jam Jord Farrell: Wanderment

Screenshot of "Wanderment"
“Wanderment” by Andrew Wang. “Enjoy the adventures of a playful blind kitten journeying across town to find its friend. Particle-based 3D platformer. Sense your surroundings by splashing and walking.” It’s so beauti- and peaceful. Rainbow sparkles, the enlightenment of …
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