Auto Balls

“Auto Balls” by Hayden McCraw.

“[This game] is a chaotic, online [auto battler] where you smash balls into each other! Build and upgrade your squad and face other players’ squads in the arena! Can you adapt fast enough to survive and win [eight] rounds?”

Auto battler games can be incredibly fun time wasters as “Auto Balls” shows. Here, the goal is to create a squad of up to five balls, all with different abilities, and have them compete against other teams in a centrifuge arena. Your overall goal is to win eight rounds. However, if you lose four battles, you have to start all over again.

As soon as one of your own round companions meets an enemy in the arena, both parties inflict damage on each other in the amount of their respective attack value, which can be read in the red bar. The green bar, on the other hand, represents a life indicator. If this is reduced to zero, a ball is considered wiped out for the fight. But do not worry, because after that it will be restored.

The most interesting aspects of “Auto Balls”, though, are the abilities that have been implemented so far, because they allow for different strategic approaches in the first place. For example, there are vampire balls that strike down one of your own comrades-in-arms right at the start of the battle to additionally absorb the one-hundred twenty percent value of their attack and health points. Other players may pursue the tactic of having as many zombie balls as possible come up after the demise of their origin.

Or maybe you just invest all the coins you get after a battle into individual upgrades instead of a complete reconfiguration of your squad? You can upgrade individual balls by adding some of the same type and level to them. This increases their health and attack points plus the effects of their abilities: Suddenly the martyr balls give a random comrade not just one, but two attack points after their death, while the healers regenerate a whole instead of just half a health point of their fellows. Which combination is the most smart, you ask? That you will have to find out for yourself! [PLAY]