Bitsy Mystery Dungeon

“Bitsy Mystery Dungeon” by flowerditch, rarelikeaunicorn, Sarah Gould, Mozz, ruin, Emma Daues, becklespinax, Lenny Magner, Andrew Yolland, Natalie Clayton, Ian Martin, Dan Lance, William John Holly III, Mark Wonnacott, Kai20, Sergio Cornaga, pan, Em Lindqvist, David Mowatt, Brandon Thread, onion, Diana Taylor, marisol, Ash Green, Ebeth, Skeleton Hugs, Grey Burnett, Sean S. LeBlanc, marzipan recognition alloy, Nicole Voec, wyvy, Peter Februar, teri & lumpen.

“This game is the result of a massive collaboration on the amazing Bitsy Discord. 34 separate bitsyfolk each created a room. The project was built as an “exquisite corpse” – every room was constructed separately, and while variables were shared between participants to allow cross-room gameplay, the final layout of the maze was randomised.”

Mass collaborations are a marvelous artistic phenomenon, as you can never be sure what the result will be like. When you make a game in a little team, the whole creative process is easier to control, but when 34 people make a part of the game separate from each other, that’s a whole different story. That makes “Bitsy Mystery Dungeon” a very special and beautiful game, as it still shows some coherency, even though the single rooms were made with very different styles.

It’s not a stringent plot that makes “Bitsy Mystery Dungeon” a coherent game, but its setting: The maze dungeon with all its different characters. You will meet overachieving cats, adorable undersea creatures with lacking communication skills, a drunk snake hunter, tentacle monsters with a high ludic drive, speaking treasure chests and many, many more. Some of these characters will even hint you at the hidden quests like collecting the ingredients for an exquisite potion or bringing a baby crab back to its parent.

Not all of these tasks get announced directly to you, but you might solve them as a ‘side effect’ of your natural exploration skills. It’s very important to be curious about the unknown to fully enjoy this Bitsy game, after all. But even if you are just interested in wonderful pixel art, “Bitsy Mystery Dungeon” is a match for you. Play it for ten minutes or for over an hour; the choice is yours. It’s simply stunning to see what the connected work of dozens of creative brains can look like. Fantastic!