Blitz Breaker

“Blitz Breaker” by Reece Kelly, Fat Bard (Zach Fendelman & Patrick Crecelius), Luciana Nascimento, Dyre & Jeremy Hobbs.

“An accessible, [fast-paced] platformer with one small change, your character [cannot] run! Play as a tiny robot named Blitz, and escape the factory where it seems everything is trying to break you. The gameplay is as simple as it is satisfying. Blitz can only jump, and perform an air dash in one of [four] directions. […] Use this to navigate the challenges ahead and reach the portal at the end of the stage.”

Dashing in one of four directions at the right time to get to the level exit sounds like a simple thing to do, right? Wrong, because the excellent level design of “Blitz Breaker” transforms it into a difficult, but still fair challenge! In roundabout hundred levels you will have to master your newly learned skills by pressing the right button at the right time. For that, you do not only have to train your reaction skills, but also to observe each level and their elements closely. Deadly spikes, fast shooting cannons and dissolving platforms get mixed with exciting boss enemies like a slowly approaching saw apparatus or an adorable mechanic octopus.

“Blitz Breaker” is not just a great game for fans of arcade action games, but also for speedrunners and completists. The title rewards its players for high speed with collectible stars in the story mode, while the arcade mode gives out lifes for a good playing style. Also, you can discover different heads as character customization items, but getting them is quite an achievement in itself. Take the first boss battle against the already mentioned saw machine as an example: When you can manage to get a huge lead over it and dash right into a specific room, then you are able to get a new head before the robot slabs Blitz into a pile of scrap. So go ahead and get this sweet little gem, as it will not only give you the pleasure of a great challenge, but also you will be able to enjoy a beautiful chiptune soundtrack and colorful art! [PLAY]