“BOMBASTIC” by Jamie Rowan.

“Play as Splodey, a bomb with an explosive spring in his step! Use his exploding jump to traverse rooms and solve puzzles. Destroy all of the orange blocks […] to progress through the levels!”

2019 surely was a great year so far for small puzzle platformer prototypes. In the last few weeks, we recommended a bunch of great demos like “Puzezl”, “ElecHead” and “The Pedestrian”. Now, “BOMBASTIC” joins this exquisite line-up. Here you have to play as a bomb figure, whose jump has a literally explosive impact. Whenever the bomb stands right on or besides a group of orange boxes with a white exclamation mark and then jumps, it will blow up block after block. But when the bomb is standing near a turret and jumps, this turret will get activated and shoot in the direction it faces. Also, the levels are filled with portals, spikes, slippery passages and little mines, which will detonate in a time-delayed manner.

A level is solved when all orange blocks got destroyed, but the neat puzzle design of “BOMBASTIC” will encourage you to plan your moves strategically, or else you will have a difficult, maybe even frustrating time full with trial-and-error when you try to rush through all thirty levels. So better act with some foresight, because then you will be able to enjoy this highly polished demo, which has found a great balance between platformer and puzzle elements so far. [PLAY]