Burning Knight

“Burning Knight” by Egor Dorichev.

“Steal everything you can and flee from the Burning Knight’s castle in this [action packed] roguelike!”

One of Egor Dorichev’s best skills is to produce a juicy game flow, and with the first public demo version of “Burning Knight” he shows it again. Wander through the dungeons of the Burning Knight’s castle and delve deep into it, while you fight enemies and steal items. When one room has at least one monster or foe in it, every door will be shut down immediately, forcing you to clear the area before you can progress. While this core concept is very close to “The Binding of Isaac”, the game design itself is still pretty different. Getting new weapons, features or skills is more common in “Burning Knight”, as little shops, treasure chests and stealing opportunities are around nearly every corner. That alone transforms each run in this dungeon crawler every time to a new interesting experience.

Each weapon has certain advantages and disadvantages in “Burning Knight”. For example, in one run I purchased a so-called Disk Gun. This weapon is very powerful and shoots out rotating saw disks, but these special projectiles are not going away. You can imagine how it all went down: In one room I shot too many of those disks out and eventually I run too often into them myself.