Care Package Bundle

“Care Package Bundle”, featuring games made by JUSTCAMHClockMaker, Danyon Huntington, Chloe Harris, Gregory Lee, Kultisti, ZIK, Guille Barrios, Juan Bautista Newton, Stradex, ThanielPIN, Alice Jankowska, Popfan & Medi.

“[Seven] wholesome games […] to spread positivity into 2021.”

Full disclosure right ahead:
Sebastian Standke used a free preview build of the “Care Package Bundle”, provided by JUSTCAMH, to play the games of the bundle and write an article about it.

Screenshot of "Adventure for a Bit"

“Adventure for a Bit” by JUSTCAMH & ClockMaker.

In “Adventure for a Bit”, the artificial intelligence called Bit will create as many virtual landscapes for you as you want. The creative pal proves to be eager to learn and asks a lot of questions: Do you prefer order or variation? Are conventional or strange shapes your favorites? If you prefer to be thrown right into the action, you can also pay a visit to Bit’s cousin Bob and simply give him a character string as a seed.

Screenshot of "HappBee"

“HappBee” by Danyon Huntington.

The winged protagonist in the platformer “HappBee” makes full use of his body to collect as much pollen as possible. However, not all insects in this game are very enthusiastic about this. The king of the grumpy mosquitoes has sent many of his subjects out to put an end to this goings-on. But if this honeybee skillfully uses its own sting and also dash at the right time, then these battles will soon be won.

Screenshot of "Lil Bugventures"

“Lil Bugventures” by Chloe Harris & Gregory Lee.

In “Lil Bugventures” we buzz as a ladybug from one area to the next, until various incidents such as a heavy rain shower as well as a rising lake prevent us from continuing our journey. Fortunately, useful seeds are hidden in some places. If we collect and plant them, we can take the fast-growing result and transform it to our advance. After all, what would be a better boat for an insect than a lily pad?

Screenshot of "Lonely People Potion Shop"

“Lonely People Potion Shop” by Kultisti.

As the operator of the “Lonely People Potion Shop”, it is your job to brew your customers the potions that fit their needs. Therefore, watch for clues every time you chat. After that, you will just have to pick out the optimal ingredients from your shelf, throw them into your brew kettle and finally mix everything with a spoon. And who knows what else you will find in your little cozy store besides old magical recipes?

Screenshot of "Magnum Opus X"

“Magnum Opus X” by ZIK.

What his comedically huge broadsword is to Cloud Strife, his gigantic firearm is to the main character in “Magnum Opus X”. This weapon can be used not only to blast away annoying blocks, but also to kill negative energy that has manifested itself in the form of black and purple colored birds. Of course, the recoil is also remarkable: If you shoot at the ground fast enough, you can ‘hover’ for a short while.

Screenshot of "Monke Jazz"

“Monke Jazz” by Guille Barrios, Juan Bautista Newton & Stradex.

The saxophone playing of a musically talented monkey is able to revive memories of a seaside town, but first the right melody must be found out and played. But as is quickly revealed in “Monke Jazz”, this place was never particularly glamorous. Seagull cries, fatigue and the sound of the sea were the constant companions. In any case, the shadows of the past try everything to make the music disappear.

Screenshot of "Remnant's Last Journey"

“Remnant’s Last Journey” by ThanielPIN, Alice Jankowska, Popfan & Medi.

The remains of an ancient knight have come together once again to face a great challenge in “Remnant’s Last Journey”. Equipped with a flag instead of a shield or sword, the old fighter uses his unusual tool to cross long distances jumping. Crumbling platforms as well as difficult wall jumps make this little adventure a true coordination exercise. Take a deep breath when a passage seems insurmountable!