Chronology: Time Changes Everything

“Chronology: Time Changes Everything” by Bedtime Digital Games, Niels Højgaard Sørensen, Galan Viorel Nicolae, Christian Ræv Petersen, Thomas Egeskov Petersen, Henrik Lunardi Weide, Fredrik Olsson, Kasper Byrdal, Juan García, Eva Perez, Rasmus Andreasen, Daniel Marsh, Jodi Ghani, Rasmus Glassau Clausen, Ole Panhardt Christensen, Thomas Nielsen, Jacob Koorsgard, Mark Johansen, Stöj Snak, Localsoft, Catty Donnelly, Nicki Rapp, River Kanoff, James Kaylor, Ea Juul Sørensen, Anne-Sofie Toft-Larsen & Jill Juul Jacobsen.

“A [platformer adventure hybrid] about time [travel], puzzle solving and a friendship between an [old inventor] and a [snail].”

Most people would probably think of “Braid” first when asked about games with time-changing puzzle mechanics. However, “Chronology: Time Changes Everything” has a far more interesting core design based on those mechanics; at least in my opinion. Here, an engineer and a snail team up to save the world with their unique abilities: While the inventor is able to switch between past, present and future, the snail can freeze time itself.

It was a great decision to separate both skills from each other character-wise, as it takes some hectic away from the puzzle solving itself. The players are always allowed to carefully plan their next steps. As the switching of the time levels often is needed for the creative and logical part of a solution, the freezing feature allows the developers of “Chronology: Time Changes Everything” to include some neat platformer passages. [PLAY]