Combat Dungeon

“Combat Dungeon” by Andrew Yolland.

“Conquer the dungeon! Duke it out with goblins! Call wizards on the phone! Vape with ghosts!”

While most Bitsy games are quite short, “Combat Dungeon” is a huge exception from that rule! Here you play as a fierce adventurer on a quest: To grab the rare item called the Ivory Ocelot and punch some goblins while you are on that. I mean, the dungeon has its name “Combat Dungeon” for a reason, right? The only problem is that it is not actually called that.

The “Combat Dungeon” is actually the “No Combat Dungeon”, all your weird hero friends just shortened it like that. As just you got into the combat with the first creature, the mighty wizard Gygax catches you doing that and throws you into the basement jail as a punishment. Your only hope is your free phone call, but none of the contacts can help you out. But just as you get more and more desperate, you find an ominous paper on the floor – no spell, no escape plan, but instead erotic poetry.

The literary effusions must have been written by someone in the dungeon. They are also signed with “Big G”. If you make the right call and collect all the awkward poems for their original author, you might get a chance to leave this godforsaken place. However, make sure to get into as many sidequests as possible, as they are amazingly fun! Pugnacious goblins, vaping ghosts, bureaucratic forms to lend valuable artifacts… “Combat Dungeons” just has it all. [PLAY]