Cuckoo Curling

“Cuckoo Curling” by Thomas Grenadine-Leonard & Eric Jeanne.

“Curling with the rules of [“Connect Four”]! A fun, healthy and relaxing hobby for everyone. Just watch out for the crocodile.”

I do not really know why, but I somewhat like curling. It looks like a form of sport where you have to think strategically and where your mental focus is more important than your physical strength. “Cuckoo Curling” does a great job in taking this sport, giving it a wacky setting and turning it into a fun, enjoyable multiplayer video game.

Here you have to play against three opponents (either bots, local players or – when you pay for the online multiplayer version – three other online players). The winner is the first player who is able to have four pucks in either a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line. You can do that by hurling your pucks onto the seven by seven tiles field, which is placed on the right side of the curling court. You do not only have to decide in which line you want your puck to go, but also how high the speed should be. But beware, as if you shoot it too wide, the crocodile will eat it. If you are too slow and the puck lands between the shooting area and the field, it will get punched offside by the cuckoo clock.

This rulebook also is the fundament for the tactical part of “Cuckoo Curling”, as the game is completely turn-based: You cannot just try to align your own pucks into a line, but also to kick out the pucks of your opponents. That guarantees a slight amount of fun rage in each round for sure, so better get your broom out now to start some sweeping action! [PLAY]