Don’t make love

“Don’t make love” by Maggese (Nina Kiel, Giorgio Carlino & Dario D’Ambra) & James David Patton.

“Constantly torn between their mutual love and the instinct to have sex – which could lead to the male mantis’s death – the couple [is] now on the verge of making a decision. Assume the role of either of the lovers, and try to keep their relationship in balance. Do your best to convey your feelings in a situation with no solution.”

Some conversations are unpleasant to have in a relationship, but still absolutely necessary. In “Don’t make love”, it is about the emotional dilemma of two mantises which are in love with each other. As you may know, female mantises often kill their male sexual partner after the act and eat them, so the male insect in this game is afraid of making love. The female wants to resist her instincts, as she is happy with the relationship, but of course she feels the lust boiling up inside her body.

You can either take the male or female perspective in “Don’t make love” to lead the talk about this delicate topic. Feel free to write whatever comes into your mind, as the text parser will make sure to interpret them accurately. Of course, just like in life, words are not the only way how to communicate with your beloved counterpart; you can also touch them softly, hug them, give them a kiss or response with facial expressions. Maybe you will be able to find a proper solution to this situation or at least to save the life of the male mantis.

What I really adore about “Don’t make love” are the sentences that are actually some great food for thought. My favorite conversation fragment is the comment about the close connection of love and death. I was confused in the first moment, but it makes sense. When you start a serious relationship with somebody and someday share a life together, there will always be the point where you cannot imagine a life without your partner anymore. What would you do without them when they are gone someday? What would they do without you? It feels kind of weird to have such thoughts, but they resemble a proof of this strange connection. Love and death go together in one way or another.

“Don’t make love” also offers the chance for its players to rise up their empathy for asexual people and other persons who are not comfortable with sex in general for any possible reason. To be in love with someone does not automatically mean that you have a sexual desire for them. At the same time, the game manages to show the other side: For many people sexuality is an important part of their relationship, they even see it as a way to show their feelings for each other. In the end, it is all about honesty, understanding and good communication. [PLAY]