Dungeon Drafters

“Dungeon Drafters” by Manalith Studios (Lucas Demo, Lucas Bressan, Conrado Feltrin, Andrei Rafael Brongel, Gabriel Oliviera, Rafael Fressato & Leonardo Lima).

“Play as a young adventurer, eager to explore ancient dungeons and find long-forgotten cards to build the legendary spell deck that could defeat the one wielding the forbidden cards the entire world fears!”

The plans for “Dungeon Drafters” are big ones, as you can see on the Kickstarter campaign page initiated by Manalith Studios. They just published a demo version of the game, which already gives a taste of the excellent audiovisual representation as well as the basic combat system. You play as a witch whose magic lies in the cards themselves. Each card represents one spell which can be used against your enemies like explosive spiders, slimy goo giants which can split into smaller ones or masked shamans.

In each level you start with exactly five spell cards, which is also the maximum of holdable cards. The fighting itself is turn-based and allows you to do exactly three moves before your turn ends. Moving a tile costs one of your three action points and so does casting a spell and other magic attacks. When you spent all your action points, you will draw one more card if you used at least one.

Keep in mind that it is not possible in the current demo version of “Dungeon Drafters” to produce any additional spell cards. You start with fifty-seven spells, and when they are discarded, they are gone forever. That will drastically lower your chances to reach the end, but on the other hand, you will surely learn from your mistakes. So go ahead and cast fireballs or transform props into friendly slime companions or figure out how to use special abilities in this already highly polished, enjoyable prototype. [PLAY]