“ElecHead” by Nama Takahashi & Tsuyomi.

“A short circuiting robot […] can cause a current by touching a wall and move objects[,] [t]urning on monitors, moving the floor or even activating a discharge device. By going deeper into the factory you will be able to throw your head. If you can[‘]t reach places, throw your head to activate gimmicks. If your head leaves your body for too long, your body will explode.”

The demo of the charming puzzle platformer game “ElecHead” already is super fun thanks to the smart core concept. You control a robot with a little circuiting problem: By touching platforms, walls and devices, which are connected to the power grid, it will automatically activate them!

While that’s an often useful ability, it can also lead to some problems, for example when the little bot runs to an uprising platform, which is linked to the ground it moves on. But with some jumping and timing skills, even such a task is manageable. Also, you will find many checkpoints in the factory, so that a tiny mistake here and there isn’t going to be really punished in the long run.

But wait, that’s not the only mechanic, that is implemented so far! Not the whole robot body causes the circuits, only the head does. By unlocking the throw-your-mechanical-head-away skill, which you find in the later rooms, you will discover some more carefully designed riddles. The new skill has a cost, though. The body and the head can’t be separated for a time span longer than ten seconds, so make sure to unite the both halves quickly or you will face an explosion. All in all, “ElecHead” is a great prototype so far and I’m looking forward to see the final version of it. It’s a quite promising start.