“FANBOTS” by Christopher Sacchi, CaptainD & Kastchey.

“A team of robots reaches the far planet of Koruuna to take over an abandoned [production studio] and revive their favourite show: [“ANDROIDS”.]”

Five robots travel to the desert planet Koruuna, but not to accomplish scientific tasks like measurements of the surface or terraformation or anything like that. Instead they want to shoot the last episode of their abandoned, but still deeply beloved series “ANDROIDS”. To do so, each of them gets a special task, fitting their individual skills. The reticent robot Caps becomes the technician, the eloquent Guten-Borg the screenwriter, Hash-T4G takes over the part of the editor and the bot called Director remains faithful to their name. However, the smallest one of them – going by the name SM4-SH, but often just called Botty – does not get one of the cool jobs. Instead, SM4-SH must help all the others out to get what they need.

Of course, you play as SM4-SH. Just like in all good old retro point and click adventures, each of the other characters has a little quest for you. Finding the script draft? Check. Helping out with odd frequences? Check. Getting towels? Double check. It is all up to you to make the production a big success.

“FANBOTS” is an amazingly charming adventure, not only because of the great pixel art or all the small nerdy references to several science fiction series like “Red Dwarf” or “Star Trek”, but especially because of the voice-over work. Each bot has their own voice and timbre, somewhat distorted, with a British accent and just well fitting, which makes reading and listening to the dialogues much more fun. Better get started, Botty. [PLAY]