Flynn: Son of Crimson

“Flynn: Son of Crimson” by Studio Thunderhorse (Simon Filip & Case Portman), Phil Giarrusso, Hunter Russell, Jacob Lincke & Jaya Ply.

“[A two-dimensional] action adventure platformer with heavy metroidvania elements[, set] in a wondrous world with a looming darkness beginning to awaken yet again.”

In 2021, the marvelous metroidvania “Flynn: Son of Crimson” will finally get its full release. Since the successful backing on Kickstarter in 2017, the demo version aged amazingly well. The pixel art, the ambient music, the sound design and the animations are still an absolute eye and ear catcher for sure. All the combats against carnivorous plants, punching of human-sized spiders and thrashing goblins feels also super polished. It already makes me wish for more content, which is always a good sign after playing a demo of something.

Even though the demo is quite short, it already features a lot of different skills and weapons. Quick attacks are possible with the sword, while a good punch with the axe can be sweeping as well as stunning for the enemies. You can also find a pair of gloves, which allow you to drill through the ground. You will also face the possibilities to use a bow, a grappling hook, to dash roll and to ride on an enormous dog-like creature. So go ahead and try it out for yourself! [PLAY]