Foxhunt (Chapter 1)

“Foxhunt (Chapter 1)” by Henning Koczy & Max Berghaus.

“An atmospheric […] [first-person] puzzle game based on clues left by the enigmatic [fox]… [Are] you clever enough to meet him and escape this deathless, dimensionless, cold white desert?”

You awake in an arctic-like place, surrounded by snow and ominous buildings. In front of you lays a little white fox. As soon as you try to touch it, it will get up and run away, leaving a small card behind – your first hint how to complete this excellent scavenger hunt!

“Foxhunt (Chapter 1)” is a marvelous puzzle game, which will present you cryptic puzzles one after another. The fox allures you to figure out their solutions with the promise of a meeting in the end. Sometimes you just have to find the correct location of the next hint card, sometimes you have to discover an activation pattern to unlock doors or to find out a sequence for pressing buttons. It gets quite clear that this game was perfectly made in the spirit of a treasure hunt, as each riddle leads to another, more challenging one.

Right now, the developer Henning Koczy is working on a full release, but the first chapter already proves to be an atmospherical and surprisingly mind-twisting puzzle game. Better prepare your synapses for an exciting ride, so you can run after that fox successfully. [PLAY]