From Ivan

“From Ivan” by Martzi Campos, Will Campos, Sean Bouchard Bloom & Kyle Laporte.

“[A] short branching narrative game where you control the story indirectly by sending mail to your friends, family, and coworkers.”

In a soviet setting, you step into the rule of Ivan. He has quite an odd job, as his task is to pick postcards for more or less official representation purposes of the Agricultural Softworks Department. With those cards, he is supposed to rise the morale of the workers as well. For example, if one of the employees gets sick, Ivan has to pick one special “Get well soon!” card for them. Sounds easy, right? It actually is gameplay-wise, but each card leads to small changes in the environment and in the whole storyline.

Also, Ivan’s unique talent does not get used for sole work purposes. He has a private life as well and can connect special bonds to his family, neighbors and friends with a well selected card. Each postcard is not only a little gift, but can also be understood as the expression of a wish for something or somebody. With that minimalistic, but beautiful concept, “From Ivan” shows us how the little details in life can matter and that our long forgotten dreams can come back into our life if we want them to. [PLAY]