Grapple Force Rena

“Grapple Force Rena” by Tim Ashley Jenkins, Michael Staple, Will Bowerman, Omar Carlo, Scooblee, Jason Lord, Jarad Moloney & Sean Evans.

“Grapple onto any surface and swing! Grab enemies and objects and throw! …[B]ut the possibilities are endless! Hijack a hoverbike, shoot some billiards, play some pinball, solve a pipe puzzle, take a ride on a flying flower – every new course brings new challenges!”

“Grapple Force Rena” is a bundle of pure joy in the form of a – attention, incoming pun – hooking platformer game. While it has the charm and naive slapstick humor comparable with classic “Sonic the Hedgehog” titles in my eyes, the gameplay itself feels fresh. The whole game revolves around the village hero Rena, who has thanks to magical grapple bracelet the ability to not only swing on any suitable surface, but also to grab objects as well as enemies to throw them around.

While this core concept is already fun, as “Grapple Force Rena” is very polished and gives some great audiovisual feedback on the player’s actions, the best thing about the game is the level design. Each stage has its own twists: Sometimes you will be introduced to new types of fiends or an awesome boss battle is waiting for you, while in other cases you will have to control one of Rena’s friends and get in touch with their very own skills, or the whole level itself will go completely crazy!

Want to jump around in an oversized pinball field to win over a black knight? “Grapple Force Rena” gives you this possibility. In the mood for collecting diamonds on a hoverbike in the deserts? Now is the perfect time. Your gig is more to kick the ass of a Neandertal commander and other bad guys? Well, you are definitely welcome here!