Golf Peaks

“Golf Peaks” by Afterburn (Łukasz Spierewka, Kamila Spierewka, Maciej Wierzejski & Weronika Grabowska), Rafał Samborski, Piotr Markowicz, Bartłomiej Sieczka, Maciej Nabiałczyk, Bartosz Król, dunin, Kajetan Andrzejak, Maciej Piórkowski, May, Michaël Guidet, Natsumi Yokosu, Roboto Translations, Tomáš Zahradníček, Victor Boutani & Wim Wolf.

“[This is a relaxing] puzzle game where you climb mountains by playing golf. Conquer [over hundred] handcrafted puzzles using a card-based movement system. […] Zero understanding of golf required!”

Sports games with card-based movements are some of my favorite genre mashups, as some of our dedicated readers might know thanks to my short article about “Alpine Alpaca”. “Golf Peaks” is a more sophisticated implementation of this concept, just with another form of sport. It offers you over hundred courses with relaxing background music and a minimalist, beautiful art style.

In each stage you have a number of movement cards in your hand, and whenever you use one, it is gone. The puzzles are carefully designed about this unconventional movement scheme. The ball can either simply glide or jump or both at once; the pattern itself is clearly stated on each card. What makes “Golf Peaks” a real brain-twister are the different field types. At the beginning you will encounter simple green grass fields, but soon you will encounter quicksand traps, bouncy jump pads as well as assembly belts. However, finding the solution will always come with a feeling of satisfaction. [PLAY]