Haunt the House: Terrortown

“Haunt the House: Terrortown” by SFB Games (Tom Vian & Adam Vian), Catherine Unger & Raphael Benjamin Meyer.

“Leave the dusty halls of an abandoned clock tower to haunt your way through a town in the dead of night! Possess objects with your ghostly soul, to scare people away from a museum, a hospital, a theatre and a cruise ship. Will you be able to scare everyone out and reclaim what has been lost, before the night is over?”

In “Haunt the House: Terrortown”, it is your duty as a responsible ghost to scare the hell out of each humans, regardless of the place where they are. Unfortunately, you cannot frighten anyone with a “Booo~hooo!” anymore. Nowadays you have to be creative when you want to evoke a spooky atmosphere. That is possible by exploring different environments and possess a variety of objects.

Haunt the people by becoming a snapping patient chair in an old hospital or a cello that plays eerie melodies to the passing audience in a theater. Or maybe you would prefer to scare little children as a constantly rotating steering wheel of a cruise ship? Possessing the exhibits of a museum, including ancient samurai armors and dinosaur skeletons, is quite fun, too. Also, the more people you successfully scare away, the more different haunting techniques you will discover. Thanks to its sweet graphics, animations and sound design, “Haunt the House: Terrortown” is one of the cutest ‘spooky’ games ever. It is simply a pleasure to take the control over all the furniture and other objects to figure out how they can be used to scare all the persons away. [PLAY]