Haunted Garage

“Haunted Garage” by Games For Ghosts (Richard Pieterse).

“[An] experimental music making adventure game[.]”

“Haunted Garage” consists of two different games, packed into one: It is partly an adventure game, where you have to find hidden objects – mostly extraordinary music instruments – by finding the right non-player character in the ‘wimmelpicture’ and sometimes trading your items with them, but it is also a fabulous virtual music toy. By collecting a bunch of instruments, you can place them in an empty room, turning them on or off, modify their configurations and thereby make some sweet tunes.

Both games are connected by a door, so that whenever you click on it, you will enter one game or the other. By collecting an instrument in the hidden-object-dimension, you can place it in the toy and fiddle around with it. When you are done with that, just click on the door again to search for a new object, as each new puzzle will only be unlocked when you place your reward that you got by solving the previous riddle. Let us hope that we will see more from the “Haunted Garage” soon.