“Integer” by Elliott Treinen.

In the shadows of “Integer” you will find a mysterious apparatus. Its use is unknown, but a lone string dangles from above, inviting players to pull it. If this is done, after a short time a counter beams at them, presenting a zero in a popping red hue. Those who pull again will then see a one – followed by a two, a three, a four, a five. The act of counting up is a pleasurable process, as it gives us the illusion of some kind of measurable progress for which we are responsible. But the question remains, what kind of advance is this supposed to be?

Of course, the gameplay of the incremental clicker game consists of other elements. Besides the manual string-pulling, after a short time you can also buy orbs, which in turn can be used to level up other mechanics or cause temporary automatic counting up. Furthermore, there is a puzzle to solve in “Integer”. You will find a way to shed light on this matter. [PLAY]