ISLANDS: Non-Places

“ISLANDS: Non-Places” by Carl Burton.

“The familiar becomes magical in this […] interactive artscape. Explore ten scenes inspired by the everyday and let your expectations of reality be transformed.”

The coronavirus crisis may actually be one of the most appropriate times to write a short article about “ISLANDS: Non-Places” ever. We all get told about the importance of flattening the curve with the help of social distancing, but staying at home obviously brings one big problem for many people: Plain boredom. Being inside the same four walls for weeks can be an utterly dull matter, if you just think of them as simple rooms. However, this wonderful exploration game may help you to rediscover the own beauty and aesthetics of long-known environments.

In ten scenes you can interact with the rooms as well as objects inside them, so that their magic unfolds. Small fountains turn out to be the monumental systems, dozens of soda cans will orbit around a vendor machine as their holy center, while acoustic alarm signals turn a cozy hotel lounge into a state of emergency. “ISLANDS: Non-Places” is your perfect chance to become curious with familiar surroundings again. [PLAY]