it’s like pong BUT

“it’s like pong BUT” by Luis Díaz Peralta.

“It’s a [P]ong clone[, but] three random gameplay modifiers are added to each match. Sometimes it produces fun and fair games. Sometimes the result is just a messy (but hopefully hilarious) thing.”

“Pong” is one of the most famous video games ever and often got used as an inspiration for jam submissions and other smaller titles. Many times developers added a little twist to the core mechanic or combined it with other popular games like “Tetris”. Luis Díaz Peralta added not just one new feature to this premise, but the stunning amount of 30 different modifiers. For each new round of “it’s like pong BUT” three of this modifiers get mixed up and create a very special, often amusing rule set.

So it is possible that the ball gets faster or barely visible or that it decides randomly to change its direction. Other modifiers can affect the paddles, for example they shrink with each successful hit or cannot be stopped while moving up- or downwards. More effects are pure distractions for the players – a smooth elevator jazz music comes up or the face of a dog will appear over half the screen and so much more.

I find it oddly fascinating how each single rule, but also the combination of them alters the way I play in “it’s like pong BUT”, and thereby it works for me not only as an entertaining gaming, but also meta experience. Sounds interesting to you? Then grab a friend or play it on your own versus the (often awfully good) computer and try to score three points!