It’s Paper Guy!

“It’s Paper Guy!” by Thomas Giro, Malo Dalmier, Jonas Dutouquet, Jeanne Prigent, Marc Enciso & Mathieu Renard.

“Solo [puzzle adventure] game in [two and a half dimensions], set in a universe fully made of paper. […] Draw a line anywhere on the screen, game elements along the line are cut. The game follows the cute adventures of Paper Guy through a series of [five to seven] playlets. […] [A] feel-good game connecting and providing fun to both kids and the ones who remained a child at heart.”

I am a huge fan of game worlds that look like they were made out of paper, cardboard boxes as well as papier-mâché, so “It’s Paper Guy!” really hits the spot. While the environment and character design is already a fantastic visual feature, the best thing about this demo version is the cutting mechanic. With that, the eponymous protagonist can cut nearly everything in half. Of course that is not only amazing because of the visual feedback, but also because of the clever puzzle design that it allows. Want an aggressive dog to be transformed into a cute, harmless one? Just destroy the warning sign with your fabulous skill. The time does not go by fast enough? One cut and the short hand of the clock tower is gone. The title is filled with little riddles like these and if such a cute puzzle game does not make you smile, then I do not know what else will do. [PLAY]