“Karambola” by Holy Pangolin (Agata Nawrot & Sebastian Krzyszkowiak), Tom Grochowiak, Bird of Either (Janusz Gądek, Bartłomiej Czajkowski & Piotr Olejak), Michał Truong, The Pangolins, Benoit Fleuret, Avell, Mariusz Ciechoński & Paulina Skurczyńska.

“In the middle of the summer, a pack of evil bird-thoughts attacked a peaceful village of emotional fruit people. They have been separated, each sent into a different season, focused on their own loneliness and internal landscape of troubles. If you wish, help Karambola on his quest to rescue his friends from the power of evil thoughts.”

If you love hand-crafted puzzles which need some creative thinking to be solved as well as unique art styles, “Karambola” is definitely a must-play for you. The nine friends of the eponymous hero got isolated in different places. All of them have an individual behavior to get over the loss of their social group: Some try to divert themselves with music, others start to drink, while other individuals just get absorbed by their sadness and do nothing whatsoever. But if you can help them out, they will eventually get united again.

The puzzles are designed in an often not very obvious manner, but by close observation of and interaction with each environment you can succeed. Of course, that is not very easy thanks of the cryptic hints. Though, each cutscene afterwards feels rewarding and you can make them all smile again. A beautiful little game about making efforts for your relationships with people, that is what “Karambola” is all about in the end.

Let a cat bounce with a spoon against some bottle post, look into the stars to see the signs, help strangers to find their path through a forest and find the right rhythm to fill the streets with beautiful tunes. All of that is possible and will bring the fruit people back together. But before you start playing, take a little advice from me: Do not get discouraged if you cannot find the solution to one of the riddles immediately. Just leave the specific puzzle for a while and solve another one – the answer will come into your mind in the end for sure. [PLAY]