Little Bug

“Little Bug” by Buddy System (Bela Messex & Hana Harada), Sepand Mashiahof, Cherylynn Lima, Iman Sylvain, Bayana A. Davis, Eilish Lambrechtsen, Nina Pal, Wizard Apprentice, Keanan Evers & Morgan Tucker.

“Nyah is walking home from school when [she is] suddenly cast into an uncanny world where dangerous spirits linger restlessly in bottomless canyons, icy caves, and moonlit deserts. Play as Nyah and her spirit light in tandem as you immerse yourself in this foreboding, atmospheric landscape.”

What makes “Little Bug” so special is its core mechanic, which is easy to learn, but quite difficult to master. You control two characters – a mysterious blue orb and the schoolgirl Nyah – at the same time, while one of it acts like an amplifier for the movements of the other. While the girl can run and jump, the luminary is capable of creating a magical bond to her, which allows it to swing Nyah from one side to another, giving her an additional momentum.

That way even the longest jump is no problem any longer – or at least they would not be, if there were not dozens of dangerous obstacles, that actively try to stop the uncommon duo. Shadow creatures will hunt after them, while neon pink hands decide to shoot off their pointer as a guided missile. Glowing feet will try to stomp them down, while monstrous eyes shed deadly tears on them. If that sounds like your gig, then make sure to grab this sweet physics puzzle platformer called “Little Bug”. [PLAY]