Little Mouse’s Encyclopedia

“Little Mouse’s Encyclopedia” by Circus Atos (Tereza Korecká Vostradovská & Michal Berlinger), Oliver Vršanský, Marek Poledna, Leo Lukáš, Marek Doubrava, Zuzana Rumlerová, Mgr. Kateřina Čiháková, Pauline Burny, Rick Hoppmann, Ana Perticarrari, Agata, Henrique Abreu, Anton Balucha, Diana Boden, Laurent Bouhours, Iryna Brunner, Chiara Di Modica, Łukasz Drobnik, Juan Duque, Daniel Faria, Inês Martins Ferreira, Jagoda Kubiesza, Maxime Laureys, Albert Llobet, Chiara Marinozzi, Nicky, Marianne O’Reilly, Paula Sifredi, Joseph Schrödl, Darrione Jarrell Soriano, Angelika M. Tank, Paula Tarkka, Danielle Tiby, Giovanni Trano, Anya Tuntiya, B. van Veelen & Vira.

“Join the [little mouse] in her journey to explore the fascinating world of nature! Together you will learn about countless species of animals and plants in their natural habitats while feasting your eyes on a set of charmingly painted forests, waters and gardens.”

Educational games can often feature way too much information about a subject, without making learning any fun. However, “Little Mouse’s Encyclopedia” is a fantastic counterexample! On the one hand, it stunnes the players with a magnificient general art style, which seems like a modernized version of Eastern European storybooks. On the other hand, you will learn about different species of animals and flowers with the help of small information cards. Whenever you click on lifeforms or their habitats in “Little Mouse’s Encyclopedia”, one of those cards pops up. They focus on the basics: What do the different creatures eat, where do they live, how do they move and so on. Small sketches complete the learning effect and underline the newly found knowledge.

If you would like to know more about our non-human neighbors that have their home in your backyard, in the forest, in a pond or even under the ground, “Little Mouse’s Encyclopedia” is the perfect game for a virtual afternoon stroll. It is aesthetically pleasing, relaxing and informative at the same time. Also, who could resist playing a cute mouse with a giant magnifier anyway? [PLAY]