“Luna” by Funomena (Robin Hunicke, Martin Middleton, Glenn Hernandez, Allena Hail, Alyse Miller, Greg Lemon, Edgard Ortega, Brad Fotsch, Brandi House, Garrett Stevens, Meghan Auer, Jake Weidner & Karena Tyan), Austin Wintory, Scott Anderson, Lauren Cason, Eran Hilleli, Tyler Hurd, Ryan Mohler, Ralph Bull, Alejandro Cannizzo, Mahmud Mahmud & Dan Clegg.

“Bird’s peaceful summer slumber is disturbed by the majestic call of a mysterious [owl]. Enticed to swallow the last piece of the waning [moon], Bird is blown far from its Golden Gate home. Re-awaken shadowy forests and bring life back to sparkling lakes. Discover hidden creatures, help Bird reunite the fragmented [moon]… [And] find its way home.”

“Luna” is not only one of the most beautiful games I have played in a while, it also one of the kindest. After my roundabout one hour long playthrough, I felt like I played the sweetest modern bedtime story ever. It includes the amazing power of soft songs, the recreation of star constellations, finding hidden animal friends like a melancholic swan or an angry bear, some gardening and forgiveness.

It is not a very difficult game, but it is encouraging the players to find the correlation between action and reaction in a playful manner, making “Luna” a lovely metapher. Want to open the flowers? Follow their melody and sing for them. Want the creatures to come out of their hiding spots? Take some plants and transform bleak spaces into green pastures. Want to forgive someone for their past mistakes? Get near them and show that you still care for them. A good deed can make the world a better place, and each game mechanic of “Luna” is a symbol for that.

Some people might find the price too high for such a short game, but after playing it myself I seriously cannot share such opinions. Too valuable was this hour for me, as each little step towards the end made me smile more and more. “Luna” is a very pure and wonderful experience, which will stay with me for a while, and I hope that some of you will feel the same sooner or later. [PLAY]