Midnight Scenes

“Midnight Scenes Ep. 1: The Highway” and “Midnight Scenes Ep. 2: The Goodbye Note” by Octavi Navarro.

“[A] series of short horror tales with adventure elements[.]”

“Midnight Scenes” is a series of short point and click adventures with a “The Twilight Zone”-like setting. Each single game is unrelated to the other ones and can thereby seen as one episode.

In the first episode, titled “The Highway”, you play as Claire. As she simply drives around with her car, one of her tires suddenly flattens, forcing her to get out to find somebody to help. She sees a sign leading to an emergency phone, but a broken transmission tower with still working eletric cables is blocking her way. As there are no tools available to cut the wires off to get past the pole, she wanders around and finds a seemingly abandoned farm with a creepy smiling scarecrow as well as some missing children posters. But that will not be the last scary thing she will encounter this night. [PLAY]

The second episode, titled “The Goodbye Note”, features the lab scientist Richard as main character. There was an accident the last night in his workplace and so the nervous man has to take a plane trip to make it alright again. His wife Madison feels that something is bothering him, but even she cannot change his mind – he has to go on this plane. Shortly after he takes his seat, strange things occur to happen. A lightning strikes and suddenly, all the passengers are gone. Find out for yourself why. [PLAY]

“Midnight Scenes” is a great series so far, even though it consists of only two games by now. One can only hope that this will change sooner or later, at least I definitely root for an expansion. The pixel art is fabulous, the atmosphere is eerie, but there are no jump scares or other cheap horror effects. Enjoy confronting yourself with some spooky mysteries!