“Monstrüous” by Arnaud Millot & Robin Richard.

“[A] puzzle game in which you have to figure out in which order to use 8 actions to kill the monstruous creature.”

“Monstrüous” is a bit like the puzzle version of a boss fight in a RPG: You control a team of four adventurers, which have to fight against a form-changing monster. So what’s the puzzle aspect, you ask? It’s easy. Each character has two different abilities (all of them combined equals eight), which can lead to the victory over this battle or to the absolute doom! That’s why you have to figure out the correct order of your eight actions to survive. Even figuring out what effect each action has is quite a puzzle in itself, as the impacts might only appear in the right situation. But believe me, figuring that out is half of the fun!

What’s equally impressive is the art style of “Monstrüous”. While the character design of the troup of heroes reminds me of the cartoon series “Adventure Time”, the whole background art gives me some Ghibli movie vibes. The most surprising thing is, that this mixture of styles totally works for me. The animations are simply awesome to look at. So grab this little gem and try to figure out the solution step by step. Maybe you will even find a solution without sacrificing anyone.