Neo-Brutalism of Tomorrow

“Neo-Brutalism of Tomorrow” by Moshe Linke.

“A virtual art gallery. […] [This game] explores the idea of the space itself being the main experience. How visitors explore the architecture without any direction or guidance. How natural light and shadows can be used to transform a rough space into a mystical place. How sound behaves in the ever-changing conditions of the architecture. A concept for a future.”

Imagine a museum, where the physical laws don’t apply. An art gallery, where you can experience rooms, forms and sculptures out of your personal horizon. Moshe Linke created such a space with “Neo-Brutalism of Tomorrow” and let’s you experience a mysterious exhibition in a nearly completely grey, monstrous building. You might think in the first moment, that it appears to be somewhat sterile, but don’t be misled. The magic of this little masterpieces doesn’t come from colors, but from their impossibility.

Watch a group of tires transform into a line and break into its separates again. Stand in front of a sundial-esque machine and see drops appear out of nothing. Witness the slow march of a gigantic glowing orb, which gets slapped by sandbags made out of flesh. Or just simply stare at a faraway place. Let your mind flow. You will find enough possibilites.