Networking Event Simulator

“Networking Event Simulator” by corpsepile.

“[A comfortable] environment to [help] develop your core competencies and take a deep dive [into] the next generation of [social] interaction and [strategic] interpersonal [alignment]!”

Certain types of events lead to a certain type of attending audiences. It is important to understand that the rules of an event and the diversity of the invited people form its individual culture. That is why networking events often feel so dull. Overambitious personalities try to get their names out, so they connect with anybody who they think could be useful somehow for their careers. Business networking is mostly about efficiency and optimization, not about creative or social synergy and conversation.

“Networking Event Simulator” is a fantastic satire game about exactly this topic. Here you can go to two networking events and face a good dozen of corporate people caricatures. If you ever attended such an event, you will recognize a couple of them: The dudes who can only talk about their business trips, the intoxicated guy in the corner who had one drink too much, people who just love to rant, arrogant assholes and many more. Even if you never had the questionable pleasure to be at such an event, you will find it funny for sure.

Over the time this simulation game becomes a spectacular and over-the-top designed hyperbole. Just when you think it could not get any crazier – I am just thinking of the business card shooting mechanic in the second part of the game -, “Networking Event Simulator” shows off its secret weapon: The several minutes long ending scene! This sequence is like an infomercial about the upcoming, fictious packages of downloadable content for “Networking Event Simulator”. I could not think of a more fitting finale. So let me just say this in the end: [EXPRESS RECOMMENDATION BY REPLYING WITH GAMING INDUSTRY BUSINESS JARGON OPTION #2] [PLAY]