Nonsense at Nightfall

“Nonsense at Nightfall” by Siegfried Croes.

“One night you [cannot] sleep and decide to take a sleeping pill. What happens next is unexpected… […] [A] short and absurd adventure game in Game Boy style. […] Explore and interact with your environment to find clues about where to head next.”

I’m amazed by “Nonsense at Nightfall”, which was originally made for the Ludum Dare 35 and got a polished version afterwards, because it features a quite surreal story and still has some more or less logical puzzles in it. After a guy is not able to sleep, he takes what he presumes to be a sleeping pill. However, it all goes wrong: After a moment, he transforms into a cat. Weirdly enough, he is not freaking out at all, instead he starts to think that this behavior is alright, as cats are good at napping and this might help him to go back to bed. But this desire gets replaced by another now. He is hungry, and as a cat, he goes on a hunt for some mice.

As the cat walks out of the apartment, it will eventually catch a mouse and – you already guessed it – become the rodent itself. A wonderfully absurd adventure starts for you, where you will get in contact with a lying key, glitching rooms, intergalactic pizza delivery services and much more. It may be nonsense at all, but it is a joyful, Kafkaesque one with even some sweet meta commentary, excellent retro pixel art and background music. [PLAY]