Peaks of Yore

“Peaks of Yore” by Anders Grube Jensen.

“Travel around the region to climb challenging peaks while logging progress in your peak journal and take in the picturesque views of nature, rendered in the style of [turn of the century] mountaineering photos.”

In the demo version of “Peaks of Yore”, you have to climb to the top of four different plateaus. Each route will give you several small platforms, which you can grab with either one or both hands. It is on you to swing around slightly to get some momentum to get the grip of another platform or to crawl up to get even higher. Also, in the later part of the game you will have access to a rope and a safety net, which gives you a better control over your exhausting journey.

What I find highly interesting about “Peaks of Yore” is its translation of the needed timing and preciseness of your moves while climbing into game mechanics: The longer you need to climb, the harder it is to keep up the full attention to your body. Even though you control the both hands and their grabbing only with the left and right mouse button, it is weirdly difficult to keep track of them over time. While each attempt made me better in coordinating myself, but it still confused me how hard it can be to have full control over two fingers only. I loved every second of it. [PLAY]