“PICOHOT” by Piotr Kulla, Wojciech Dziedzic & Mariusz Tarkowski.

“[An eight-bit] homage to the original [“SUPERHOT”.]”

Who is best suited to produce a demake of the stunning first-person shooter “SUPERHOT”? Exactly, people who already worked on the original game. Three members of the “SUPERHOT” team found together to create “PICOHOT”, a demake made with PICO-8. The core concept stays the same: Time only passes in normal speed when you move your character, and you will need these extra seconds to think about your next action, as waves of assailants will try to shoot you down or punch you to death.

Besides standing around, you can either move, beat people up, grab or throw items and you can, of course, also shoot at attackers with pistols or shotguns in “PICOHOT”. One of my favorite things to do is to heave a weapon into my enemy’s face, so that they recoil, and meanwhile my gun bounces back to me so that I can take it from the air just to finish them off. That might sound like a brutal thing to do, but thanks to the minimalistic, non-gory pixel art it primarily is a game mechanical pleasure for me.

“PICOHOT” offers two game modes for its players: A quick campaign mode with five stages and an endless mode, where you simply have to defend yourself against as many opponents as you can. Find out how long you can stay alive in a world where time adapts to you, but where the surroundings are as hostile as ever.