“Pilgrims” by Amanita Design, Jakub Dvorský, Michal Berlinger, Václav Blín, Tomáš Dvořák aka Pif, Tomáš Dvořák aka Floex, Bára Ungerová, Kuba Soldán, Jaromír Möwald, Miloš Dvořáček, Nikola Frollová, Jan Sklenář, Míra Zavičár, A.M. Almela, Roman Zabelov, Jiří Javůrek, Jakub Tengler, Lukáš Kunce & Jakub Sanitrák.

“Roam the land as you please and make new friends, share a laugh with your fellow travelers and help them complete their little stories, your way. How many different solutions can you find?”

What makes “Pilgrims” incredibly special and charming is the replayability value: How you come from the beginning to the ending of this tale depends highly on your curiosity. You play as a wanderer who tries to travel away on a boat. However, the only person who owns such a desired transportation vehicle is incredibly sad, as they shooed away their beloved blue bird. The pilgrim then decides to find their feathered friend and bring it back to them.

But it proves to be quite difficult to find the animal, so a bunch of friends must be gathered on this journey. As the pilgrim is especially good at talking with people, he knows some fellows with other qualities: An often drunk, but very strong bandit, an old lady who has a way with herbs and flowers and even the devil itself. All companions are scattered through the whole land though, so the first important task is to find and convince them to come on board.

It is so much fun to figure out the solutions to each puzzle in “Pilgrims” and to try out different attempts: Will you get a broom for the grandmother with the help of a weapon or rather by making a generous gift? Are you ready to make a bear sleepy thanks to some alcohol or are you willing to make a forceful entrance? If you are a completionist player type, you will actually have to try all of it in several playthroughs, as the wonderfully drawn adventure game offers you forty-five achievements to unlock. So go ahead and give it a play. Meanwhile I wish you good luck and safe travels! [PLAY]