Pizarro Project Deep Dish

“Pizarro Project Deep Dish” by batensan, Fenori & zzzbookwormzzz.

“It is the middle ground between sweet and salt, between sauce and spice, and it lies between the pit of a clown’s fears and the summit of his clown makeup. This is the dimension of clownery. Welcome […] to the Cal Zone. Play as a girl named Anne Chovy and date a sad clown living in poverty!”

After playing “Pizarro Project Deep Dish”, I sit here baffled, highly amused and in an extremely joyful mood. This interactive novel was just what I needed to play today. This clown dating simulation features some of the most abstruse twists that you might expect from badly written “Dragon Ball Z” fan fiction, but it gets presented in such a clever and smooth way! I am not joking at all when I say that I loved every second of it.

You step in the role of Anne, who one day meets the poor clown Pizarro. He decided to go for this artistic passions – no, not clownery, but underwater basket weaving – instead of getting a job as a microbiologist, as he is a scientific mastermind. As the pizza clown is starving, Anne decides to share some junk food with him. That is where this weird adventure really starts.

It is a tale of mentorship and revenge! A story of rich jerks forgetting their own past! A romance that includes unicycles! A chronicle filled with delightful puns, slight copyright infringements and many pop cultural references! An adventure about a secret recipe to create the most entertaining delicacy ever! And you would be crazy if you would miss it, so better grab your red nose and join in the fun – honk honk! [PLAY]