Project Kat

“Project Kat” by Leef 6010 (Kaiyakii & Drkie).

“[A] horror [RPG] about a high schooler who’s dead set on trying a very dangerous game. Your goal is to uncover its secrets and make sure she comes out in one piece.”

The horror RPG “Project Kat” is actually a prologue for a bigger project, but it already is a wonderful proof of the fact, that games made with the RPG Maker can be pretty spooky. You play as a young girl named Kat, who is preparing an ominous ritual in the middle of night at her own high school. Tables must be arranged in a certain order, candles have to be lit and other special objects like finding a wisp of hair have to be found to fulfill the spectacle.

While Kat is not really the type of girl that believes in such occult hocus-pocus, something or someone seems to have caught her interest in this specific ritual. What it does? Honestly, even after playing “Project Kat” I have no clue. But when the dark magic suddenly works, the real horror begins…

The cute anime look and pixel art are amazing high contrasts to the grim plot that unravels in the second half of “Project Kat”. It is also worth stating that the decisions you make in the game will not alter the ending that you will get, but that the gameplay might change slightly. As it gets states in the intro: “There is always another way.” So go ahead and try it out for yourself, if you dare.

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