“PT++” by Will Blanton.

“PT++ […] stands for Pregnancy Test ++[.] To my amazing wife Julie, our new home, our old pets, and our twin boys on the way. This is a tribute to our partnership!”

To celebrate the relationship with his wife Julie, their twins and all the other good things in their life, Will Blanton did something amazingly cute: He created a puzzle platformer featuring Julie and himself as the main characters! In one big level you have to avoid getting hit by little black monsters and collect up to sixteen stars. To achieve this goal, you must switch between Will and Julie, as both of them have unique abilities.

While Julie is able to do wall jumps, Will can float midair after jumping. While some of the puzzle stages are quite easy, others are much trickier as you have to switch between both characters pretty fast for a perfectly timed movement. Even though the gameplay itself is fun, the most amazing thing is the gesture of making this game itself. It immediately made me smile when I read through the description. Congratulations, Julie and Will! You both definitely achieved a nerdy relationship goal in the cutest way ever. All the best to you and your little family! With a bit of team spirit, you can make everything work for sure. [PLAY]