“Puzezl” by Alexandre Szybiak.

“[A] puzzle-platformer in which you control a character that lives inside a jigsaw puzzle world. Use your telekinetic magic to move the pieces and reorder the world around you.”

Remember “World Collector”, a puzzle game made for the 45th Ludum Dare, which also won the first place in the ‘Overall’ compo category? “Puzezl” has a very similar concept, but it’s even more fleshed out and provides multiple, quite challenging levels. Instead of collecting the tiles of the world to arrange them, they are all laid out in front of you. They have the shape of jigsaw puzzle pieces. One of those pieces also contains the level exit, but the door will only open when all pieces of the puzzle are right where they belong.

You play as a little bunny who can freely move around between the tiles. With its telekinetic powers, it can move the piece where its standing to any other position. When two or more pieces are directly combined, the whole connected puzzle construction is moveable as well! Whenever you want to destroy their connection, that’s possible too. But by doing so, at least one tile will move a bit outwards thanks to the recoil. That can have negative and positive consequences, as you’ll see when you play it.

Another great mechanic are platformer elements, with which you can only interact when each part of them is in the right order. Take a long ladder for example and imagine that the rungs are split over three puzzle pieces. You can’t climb the ladder as long as the three pieces they belong to are not exactly in the order they should be. So, are you up for a great puzzle platformer challenge with an innovative core concept? Here you go!