Ranita Fishing

“Ranita Fishing” by Fáyer, Hugo Gutiérrez, Kyutahub, Joven Paul, Daniel Arturo, Majo Félix & Ricardo Cervantes.

“[This] platformer game with fishing mechanics […] [is] about a little frog on a simple quest for their grandpa, collecting fishes and helping friends along the way.”

For me personally, fishing is often one of the most wonderful and relaxing side activities in a video game, so when an indie title focuses on it, I am of course even more excited! In the demo of “Ranita Fishing” we play a little frog who, with the help of their angling rod, has to solve a few puzzles, help other characters and fill a journal with data about twenty-five different fish species.

The special sports device turns out to be a real all-rounder, which can be used for relieving acute toothache, pulling curiously placed plugs and searching for personal items in deep holes. But the main goal, needless to say, remains the collection of sea creatures. Fortunately, the individual species are always located in exactly one area, which are also signposted. Thus, the ‘hunt’ is structured quite linearly, but that also means that you do not have to deal with a frustrating mess. “Ranita Fishing” thus deliberately chooses to be a relaxing, cute platformer adventure for in between – and I love it for that decision. [PLAY]