“RE:CALL” by Matias Schmied, Roy Ryser, Jean Sena, Braian Schuster, Fernando Blöhsel, Facundo Silveira, NNNN & WhiteThorn Games.

“[You] play through the memories of the character [you are] controlling. Your actions inside these flashbacks have immediate consequences in the present moment, letting you take advantage of the situation in order to progress the story. Tackle mind-bending puzzles that rely on altering your own memories to shape the future.”

The demo version of the puzzle game “RE:CALL” contains a very special mechanic: Not only can the memories of the main character Javier be overwritten, but any changes to his mind also trigger direct consequences in the present. Javier himself is well aware of this ability and tries to use it to his advantage when the petty criminal, who introduces himself as The Toy Maker, catches him breaking into his secret hideout.

So the challenge is to find a perfect route to escape from this difficult situation. After all, The Toy Maker not only has a murderous gun with high penetrating power, but also various guards and a room locking mechanism. To get all these traps and obstacles out of the way, Javier will have to change his memories several times to get to previously blocked areas and thus get new information.

Changes that seem harmless at first can make a lot of difference in “RE:CALL”. Is there any advantage to finding a rock instead of a gun outside the entrance to the bad guy base? What difference does it make if a guard wears a green or blue suit? How can the door be unlocked again? All these questions will soon be answered by you. [PLAY]