“Remnants” by June Flower.

“[A] top-down exploration game about descending underground into a mysterious abandoned facility.”

The old artifacts and symbols of a past civilization are scattered in this place: Graffitis and graphs are drawn on the walls, rooms are filled with strange furniture and sculptures, but also plants found their peace in here. It is hard to tell what exactly is happening in “Remnants”, nonetheless the building in it that you have to explore summons an intense, whimsical atmosphere. It feels familiar and far away at the same time. That is something I hardly ever experience in games made with the RPG Maker engine.

What is your motivation to dive into this forsaken space? Will your descent bring you the success you wanted? Is this structure a cobbled together maze or can you find the connection between the architectural entities? When you just interact with the items that are needed for the in-game progress, you might miss out on the most crucial part: The exploration itself.

June Flower did a fantastic job with creating “Remnants”, as a specific kind of tension and mystery is building up in this journey. Each layer of the game feels more and more abstract than the one before, so that it feels like a trip into the unconscious. But what precisely is waiting for you in the end, that is a question you should answer for yourself. It is worth it.